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Royale Limousine
call now:(518) 286-4444
call now:(518) 286-4444

Medical Transportation

medical transportation

wheelchair transportation

wheelchair taxi

medical taxi

medical cab

wheelchair cab

medicaid taxi

medicaid transportation


To contact our Medical Transportation Department call: (518) 434-3333

The Advantage

Our organization has the largest medical transportation operation in the Capital District with over 70 vehicles dedicated solely to medical transportation, and growing. In the Capital District, we perform over 1,000 scheduled medical transportation trips per day.

Located in the Capital District

Our company utilizes the most advanced technology possible in our industry including (1) Real-time GPS tracking and monitoring, (2) Dual-view recording dash cameras with interior audio, (3) State-of-the-art dispatching software, (4) 24/7 dispatchers and vehicle operation.

Our top priorities are safety, quality of service, and on-time performance.

Is your facility interested in using Advantage for your pre-arranged transportation service needs? We have any type and quantity of vehicles you need, and the most experience in the Capital District. Email or call: (518) 286-4444 to inquire today. We are able to work with any type of facility, large or small!

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